About Us

JROTC is not just a class, but prepares students for the world ahead of them.

Our cadets at MSD experience what it’s truly like to engage in a real work environment, from a simulation of an interview, leadership opportunities, time management, public speaking skills, and methods to communicate with different people to better their leadership ability.

Academically driven…

We are proud to announce that through our program, thousands of dollars have been awarded, alongside our 100% graduation this past school year.  Throughout the course students engage in planning their future, whether it’s deciding a college to attend, deciding a major, opening their own business, or simply pursuing life with a high school diploma. Not only are they engaged in planning their future but also pursuing it through scholarship boards, lessons, and real life situations.

Fundraising with a Purpose.

Currently, we are using funds to purchase and expand our MSD/JROTC branded store inventory to include hoodies, T-shirts, dri-fit apparel, and much more. Funds will also be used to purchase JROTC equipment for our classrooms and for our after-school activities like our marksmanship team, raider team, drill team, color guard, and academic bowl team.  In addition, we hope to fully fund the Annual Military Ball and Awards Ceremony.

Our Goal:

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has been around for over 27 years, while its JROTC program has only been around for 12 years. With the JROTC mission statement being “motivate young adults to become better citizens”, alongside that, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School our program emphasizes college and career readiness.